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Singing Heck Raven
Hi ^^...

I made this topic so that anyone can post questions about computers... any advice, from Operating Systems to the Chipset, I can asist you with all of it... (even if you need a new pc, I can sort you one out from the specs you want)... Software also welcome here :)

This is a friendly area, if you wish to complain, PM me ok ^^

Thanks for reading :D
This entire forum section is geared toward this exact purpose, of people asking questions and others answering.

A single thread, by a single member, is completely unnecessary.
I appreciate the enthusiasm, but a mod is going to need to lock this.

What's that supposed to mean?

also i cant take you seriously with that awesome-face looking at me
I thought you were serious... Sarcasm is kinda difficult in text form...
Not open for further replies.