AARRRGGHH!!!!!!! (psp issues)


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my package from dx finally arrived today, so i whipped out my psp, and installed the shiny new red faceplate, and the neato white buttons, and white analog stick, and put it back together. i tuned it on, and i am pissed now. the dpad is nearly worthless, as i have to shove the buttons down with a finger nail to get them to register. the analog stick IS entirely worthless, as it always tells the psp it is turned all the way right, even if it isnt. and the X, O, [] and ^ buttons are pretty unresponsive now too.

so i went to take it apart, and swap the analog with the original, and add spacers behind the buttons, and i cant. for some reason, all the screws are completely bound up, so i cant take my godDang faceplate off, to get at the buttons! and it really pisses me off, because everything i ordered had over a 4 star rating.

and, to top it all off, the hand grips that i got dont even fit. and they say they are for the 1000. its blasphemy.

and, so this isnt blogging, anyone got any ideas on how to remove the screws?
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Smaller head screwdriver?

Please don't strip them. :gonk:

Also, I never use the DX buttons, they are flax. I do like the clear faceplate they sell, but I either stick with original buttons, or do an SNES dpad mod.
no. its not that the scrw driver isnt gripping the screws, its that the screw wouldnt spin. (i drilled it out and replaced it :awesome: )
well, i got te dpad to work pretty ok with a few spacers, and i swapped the analog stick with the original, then swapped the heads. now i just need to fix the O button, which feels really strange. :dahroll: