a stunning Stolen Idea hits the land of Modretro!

DNT 2.5

Meet the SPY!
would anyone be interested in organizing a box of "junk" or electronic stuff that we could send around north America? I think the benheck one is called the TGIMBOJ? or something.
It's called "TGIMBOEJ", and BenHeck was FAR from the first to do it.
They've been going on for a couple years now, and yeah, we could totally do one, Heck why not?
Who will start? I'd love to start, but that means I won't get anything by the end unless it gets circulated back to me.

On that note, if it will ever come back to me, I'll happily start by sending out to you jlee ;)
I would start, but I live in Canada. Plus, my junk is ACTUAL JUNK, not anything useful. And I want stuff.

I think it would work better here actually, because it is a smaller, tighter community.
I propose a better name than some acronym bullflax.

"The ModRetro Box"

Who is starting.
Hmm...I can put my broken DS in the box when it comes to me...soon as I get permission from parents ( :wtf: ) I'm in.
I'm in if another guy from Canada is in... probably. Not 100% though.

I've got enough junk though...
Mkay, I guess I could start, Then we could ship around canada, Because there aren't very many members there, then we could ship to the united states and once it is done its circulation we could retern to sender (Me).
DNT, the whole point is for it to never end. It keeps going around to everyone forever and never stops. Even looping is better than just letting you have all of it at the end.
epicelite said:
Can't we just use a regular box that won't cost $10? :gonk:
STFU, troll. the point of the 10$ flat rate box is so that the weight of the package can fluctuate, and everyone still pays the same amount. :wtf: