3.5 inch DX screen sale/trade


I'm willing to do a straight trade for an LED modded ps1 lcd (just the lcd, not the pcb or anything).
This is the one I own. It has compatibility issues with certain consoles, so be sure to research it before you buy. It had a rolling screen with my n64 and genesis, but worked fine with my gamecube.

Otherwise, I'll take $30 for it. I can include the original housing if you'd like. I'll it in a priority mail box, so should be $35 total.
I have a psone LCD, it's not LED modded but I can send the needed supplies to LED mod it. The board is fried, so it's of no use to me.
I would actually prefer to have the led mod done for me, so I think I will take your offer, Palmer.
It's fine. Turns out my screen has the polarizing film removed, so it's useless without being replaced.