20s chatlag

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Mine was 5-6s at most, but it was constant.

EDIT: Forget it, I can't even see the what I'm saying until refreshing the page manually now.
I've gotten like a min at times and sometimes no test at all.

Also why did i just get banned from chat?

No need to double-post when your previous post was only two minutes ago. Just FYI, 'kay? -TW
Guys, it is a shared server, chatlag like this happens.
It's doing really poorly right now, but hey, guess what, it happens.
This is not the first time.
Don't flip out.

There is nothing we can do about this unless you guys wanna buy us our own server.

Just wait it out.
I saw we start charging for every stupid thing someone says.

I'll pay for this post ASAP.
Are you guys talking about renting a server?

Cause for a decent one you're looking at about $100 a month with cPanel.
Guys, we're not switching hosting any time soon.

We do not need a server.

This happens occasionally.

In case you've all forgotten.

Just wait it out.

It'll go away.

Just like the other times.

It happens.
Suck it up.
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