Xbox 360 Laptop Work-Blog


Hey all, I've thrown this up on BH but Palmer asked me to cross post it here for the rest of the world to see :lol:

The story is that my friend and I saw a picture of Ben's first 360 Laptop and knew we had to build one. Making use of the guide he's written, we're in the "assembly" stage of our own creation. This is a first project for both of us, in fact it's the first time either of us had even so much as touched a soldering iron since the pinewood derby cars of yore. We've built our own case from scratch, having to buy all the necessary tools along the way. It's been an incredible adventure and learning experience for both of us. That said, I've gone to fairly painstaking lengths to document the entire process from the original idea to present day construction. It's a little wordy, but there's plenty of pictures for the TLDRs :D

I hope you all enjoy following along as we try to finish this baby out in the next couple weeks!

I check your blog daily.

I don't like the color scheme, but I like everything else! I'm glad you're not halfassing this. In fact, you're TWO assing this.
That's like 4 times as good. :awesome: