WTS: Vacuum forming tables!


I am building vacuum forming tables on request! Here's the pictures of the first one I've built:

It's 10"x12", so it is a perfect size for most portables. It has padded feet on the bottom. It would also come with two types of tops, the usuial metal one with holes drilled every square inch, and also an open hole and screen, like in this video

The actual design that I'm selling will be a little shorter, enough to fit into a large flat rate box from USPS. The table will include everything you need except a vacuum or plastic.

Because these will be built on request, you can choose the color, and if you tell me what size your vacuum hose is, I can make the hose hole fit it.

I'm looking for $65 shipped. Canada will be a little more for shipping, but I will ship to Canada. Just send me a PM if you are interested!