WTS: FlatMii (USB ISO Streamer for Wii)


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Google it up. No solder install. Plugs into the Wii DD cable, then the wii DD plugs into it. It is a modchip that lets you plug into your computer via USB, then stream Gamecube or Wii games to it. There is no way for Nintendo to ever patch it, and you do not need custom firmware, as it simply emulates the disc drive hardware.

Mine is a first batch unit with the well made PCB. I paid $68+shipping for my pre-order, only looking for $50 USD shipped!
Bibin, I will consider your offer.

Any other takers?

And Mako, I have two of these babies. Been planning on putting a wii in a slightly extended length DVD drive bay, then use an integrated easycap capture card so I could play Wii games with perfect compatibility right on my computer!