WTS: Antec 300 Computer Case great cooling, great condition


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I bought this case when I built my pc, but a case I liked better (the Cooler Master Storm Scout) went on sale for $70 and I had to have it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this case, it is in great condition and was used only for about 2 months. This case receives great reviews on newegg and is hailed as having great cooling.

I'm looking to get about $35 + shipping for it. It sells for $60 plus shipping on newegg, so you're getting almost 50% off for an almost new case.





As you can see here if you want something a bit more flashy like a case with a window, that's doable cheaply by commission, or easily by yourself.

Thanks for looking.
Maybe actually. :awesome:
They are doing me no good and nobody wants to buy them. :cry4:
You would take good care of them? :mrgreen:

Anything else you could toss in to sweeten the deal?
Do you have a spare 250GB(or smaller I am not useing all of mine, like 100GB could prolly do.) HDD? Mine sounds awful and could go at any moment so I wanna back it up. ;_;
No, I don't. Sorry.

And, no, the moment I buy them I'm going to cut them in half with a table saw to see what their insides are like. :dah:
Snowpenguin, I'm actually very interested. If his deal does not work out, I'll buy it for 35 dollars.
OK. Right now I'm waiting to see what's gonna happen, he says he doesn't have the money to ship the games yet and if he doesn't within a week the case is yours.