WTB vintage record player and equalizer


Crazy Train
my old turntable finally kicked the bucket a while back and I decided that it is time I finally get some good equipment.

I need something that is very good audiophile quality. and from the 70's/80's. I am looking for an equalizer and turntable that are by the same company so they go together. I am hoping to get something made by a trustworthy name brand like pioneer.

I am looking to spend around a maximum of $200 on the turntable/equalizer.

also, if you have any 8 tracks or GOOD CONDITION records, I am interested in those too. I do not care on the condition of 8 tracks because most have problems by now and I know how to fix them.

bands I am looking for are black sabbath, rush, pink floyd, alice cooper, and led zepelin.

Please use the record grading scale when offering records.