WTB/T Modchipped PAL PSone


Started a portable PSone and suddenly realised it would be useless without a modchip to play my "backups".

So does anyone have a modchipped one or a service to do it as I'm still a bit iffy at soldering to pins.

Edit: Can trade for Psone screen, Dreamcast (No cables), various controllers and other bits and bobs.
XCVG said:
jlee makes modchips, may be of some help to you, maybe not.

those don't play the more heavily protected games and they are useless for multidisc stuff like metal gear solid. best chip for a PSone is multimode 3. i have a couple left but mine are for NTSC-U systems only
jleemero said:
Not true SnowKitteh.
last i checked the only chip firmware for the PICs you use is the one that just boots the game and shuts off till you turn the PSX off and on again. (i think its called old crow or something like that) i used one of those once and dino crisis gave me the protection screen
Eh, I use Old-Crow most of the time.
Easier to find PICs, and work for most games that I play.
Not to mention, much easier install.

But I can do MM3s as well, and they don't cost anything extra.