WTB: superpad 64


Kool-Aid Man, OH YEAH!!!
Just name your price, I want it. Now. $10 shipped sounds good to me, but if you want more, I'm open to trades. I need this as fast as possible.
Do you mean the normal-looking Superpad 64 or the Superpad 64 Plus? The weird-shaped one is actually the Superpad 64 Plus, I found that out trying to find it on eBay.
No idea, that game blew :lol:

Need a famicon game. Any famicon game, good game, flaxty game, just know that it will not survive.
just buy a pirate famicom multicart from ebay.

Oh, and I am surprised to see worst player even posting. his multiple benheck accounts usually have zero or one post. 3 is an accomplishment.