WTB: GC C stick and main stick 1st party, n64 z trigger


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Disregard the posts about the ps3.

Looking to get a first oarty set of GC sticks, the c and the normal. Need both or none. Looking to get them cheap, le me know. Trades if you want.

Also looking for one first party n64 z trigger. Just the plastic button. Same as before. Cheap, free, trade. Whatever. Just need it.

Let me know guys!
Re: WTB: PS3 phat any size

Slims have already been out for a while at some stores, my friend bought one at Best Buy, its actually pretty sweet up close.
I have an extra z trigger for a first party N64 controller. Do you have an extra single (or double) pull/ triple throw switch to trade? (that should be SPTT or DPTT switch) I can just drop it in an envelope and send it to you.
Don't worry about it, I'll pm you for your address and just send it to you.

Did you need any other buttons or "things" that I might have lying about? Sorry, no GC parts.