Wtb atari 2600 or 7800!


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Maybe looking at buying a 2600 or similar(Not 5200...gah). How much would one set me back with a controller, ac and rf adapter and maybe a game or 2.
Re: How much would a 2600 set me back?

I've got a few 2600's, but I'd have to see if any work. They're already AV modded for composite and s-video, though. I've got joysticks and power cords, and a few games, too. The games I have are listed in my trade thread.

I've also got a 7800. The select button's missing, I carved one out to use in it. It's got the RF cord, AC cord, and 2 7800 joysticks. It'll play all the 2600 games, and I think I might have Pole Position II for the 7800. I paid $50 + shipping for it, but I'm not expecting to get that much.