Wireless Transceivers


ModRetro Legend
I'm thinking about making an N64 WVI, but I don't know anything about wireless transmission of any sort. The signals I'd need to transmit would be Controller VCC, Composite Video, and either Mono or Stereo Audio, so 3 or 4 signals. would two sets of these be what I needed, or is there a cheaper solution? What would I need to do to make those work? Should I avoid this project until I know what I'm doing?
That chip seems to be digital, so it would only help with your controller for the best result. Most WVIs just
use a wireless video sender and a wireless controller. Some Analog video and audio are not a series of
bits, which that is designed to send, but a varying Analog signal. You need a stage to convert the Analog
signals to digital, then one transmitter per signal or some way to mix the streams together, then a decoder
doing the opposite to use a chip like this. Much cheaper, easier, and likely smaller to just buy a pre-made
video sender.