Okay, so I went to Radioshack the other day and got some 22 gauge wire, as it was the smallest one they had. It's very stiff and isn't all that great for modding and stuff. Where can I get a smaller wire that everyone seems to be using? I've been thinking about taking it out of the gamecube controller connection cord I have sitting around :p
You don't NEED stranded, any wire will work fine if it's the right gauge really, it's just stranded is really flexible while solid is not, making stranded better for many things ad solid for many others.
Radio Shack carries 30 gauge also.

Which is what I use for small tact switch re-locations. Controller pad re-locations. And it's a MUST for N64 expansion pack re-location. :pirate:
I have a 15 metre long strand of single stranded 30 guage wire.(it's quite expensive)