What cooler socket would fit a 360?


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I want to do some mods on my 360, mostly the cooling, instead of it pulling air out of the back I want it to pull air in through the top like a real cpu fan. I could just find a cpu cooler or a gpu cooler, but I don't know what socket would fit on the 360. I already looked over bens worklogs and he didn't mention the socket size on his first xbox 360 laptop. So anyone know what coolers would fit the 360?
I don't think it comes in a standard size like a computer's does.

Maybe make some kind of universal fit one?
I know it's not really one of the sizes. but maybe there's one that coincidentally fits it.
As far as I know it is not compatible with any socket. I would say look for a cooler with four screws, one on each corner. I believe most socket LGA775 coolers have this configuration. The spacing is probably totally wrong though.

You are probably going to have to do a lot of modifying.