Wat are these coins?


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So I have had these for AGES and wat are they?

Worth anything?


PS: Is the 50P coin 1861, or 1981????
If I was to GUESS, I'd say it was 1981, because one of the circles on the 8 is bigger and the bigger one is generally the bottom.

but I have no knowledge on the subject.

And that is just a guess.

I'm probably wrong.

Re: What are these coins?

Guys, this is awesome. I was in the arcade at the movie theater tonight, and in one of the games, I found an AMERICAN QUARTER. :O

Seriously, though, my sister got some coins from a relative of ours who lives in Ireland. They're really cool, and very neat-looking! I think she got a 1p, 5p, 25p, and 50p, not sure what else. I think she got some British and Spanish coins, too.

I also found a Canadian dime once. I still have it on my bookshelf. In one of the drawers in my dresser, I've got some coins from Argentina, too.
I have, I think, at least 1 of every standard amount canadian coins. ::3:

Even a penny.

I haz a wheat penny. ::3:

EDIT: Oh wait I got some kind of dime form the Cayman Islands. ::3: