Wanted to buy: Broken Wii Motherboard


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So I can strip, scan, sand first layer off, scan, sand other side, scan, etc. They would be the first reliable pics out there showing the inner traces of the Wii.

Anyone interested?
try going on some hacking sites(I can name one or 2 for you) and see if any noobs have bricked wiis from trying to softmod. (It happens)
Wow, this is turning into OPERATION: GET PALMER A WII. I'll make banners and post them around the mall.
Heheh. ;)

I am not trying to fix it or anything, so even ones with parts torn off are fine. Lemme know if you guys find anything. Not looking to pay much, obviously, but the seller will be the first to get scans. :p I will try some other sites next, but it would be sweet if someone here had one.