Uzebox GameCard Baseboard and AVCore Development Module

You have no *Can'tSayThisOnTV*ing clue what this is huh?

That's alright.
I have one of these, not an official Uzebox, but a Fuzebox, a direct 1:1 compatible clone.

It is NOT a SNES.
It is NOT an NES.

It's power exceeds that of the NES in a few ways, but overall can generally be compared to it.

This is a system in and of itself, it does not emulate, nor is it capable of emulating, any Nintendo system.
Well you can plug SNES controllers into it and play... whatever the Heck it plays with the SNES controller.

But other than that, it's not SNES-related.
It's neat, but it has nothing to do with SNES. See jlee's post, I would explain but he (she? it?) already did.