Teardown of Retrocon PS2 controller, SLIM Joysticks


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Not entirely sure this should be here, mods move if needed.

So I bought this controller on eBay because it is supposed to have slim joysticks.

It was a Sega to open.



Stick a knife in under the rubber layer AND under the plastic layer beneath it, and slide it back and forth and stretch it out until you can fit a screwdriver in and snap the four posts at each corner.



It looks to me like there's screwposts with screws going in through the front, I dunno, looks like to do it that way you will have to remove the front plexiglass cover, which is probably glued on, and then the screw oughta be right there. Oh well, mine's open already.

The metal casing of the joysticks is 1/4" thick. :awesome:

Is there a lotta these guys on Ebay? Cus this would be real nice for my PS2P future!
It's meant actually to have it's analogs ripped out and used with other systems, not just ps2. Please update if you can mess with resistors to get this to work with other systems, Snowpenguin.
Nice, mini rumble motors, too!

And if those joysticks are the standard 10k - which I'm 98% sure they are - they will work with anything.
No, there's a lot of small metal parts inside of a quality joystick. To make it worth it you would have to mass produce them and make a profit for paying for the machines that can make the parts. It's kind of like saying build a digital watch instead of buying one.
Trying to make your own joysticks and have them be better and cheaper is like trying to build your own guitar that will cost less than a brand name and be better- it's just not possible.

Leave it to the companies that make this stuff every second of every fay and never screw up because they've got the machines that cost thousands of dollars at minimum that know how.
If we all teamed up, and everyone had a specific job, i.e.

bob relocates cart slots
joe vac-forms
larry frankencases
john wires everything up

Whatever, you get my drift. Everyone who's good at these things can take say ten n64s, do their job, then send it them along to the next guy to his part. Then all then are sold for a total of $6000. First some money gets used to cover the cost of parts, then the rest is divided up amongst the workers, which results in epic win for everybody.
$600 each? That's not ridiculous if they're all custom made, but if they're mass produced? :confused: