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The portable is finally done and I have a video up. And guess what, this is officially the smallest in the world.


youtube video:

bneheck worklog:

modretro worklog:

overall time was mid august to december 16


comes to 925,777 cubic MM

It may not be on sale for a week or so. Have to play it for a while to make sure nothing breaks down.

Great job, I'll add it to the N64 Megasticky!

Got the ability to take a video?
bentomo said:
comes to 925,777 cubic MM

Nice job. :) I need to go through your worklog and see how it's so small. It reminds me of mine. ;) It was probably the batteries, mine were about 12mm thick. :lol: 5 hours of play, though.
A lot of it was the jumper pak relocation. But overall the whole thing was very stressful. But worth it in the end
Congratz, you and Mario have surpassed me in N64p smallness. I had that one that I never officially finished, but hey, I'll let you savor the moment. :p

Hella nice job though, title has been appropriately changed.

Wow, this is the first time I saw something on Engadget before I saw it here. :lol:

Nice job! Makes me wish that mine was done. :hit: Done any battery testing? Would be fun to see how long it lasts on a game like mario kart vs a really intensive game, like a 4 player perfect dark match.
People were saying on engadget that the mod was pointless, and that it was not the smallest n64p they had seen. I then explained it.
Yesterday when I googled starlight 64, I only got this page and a couple articles about the speed of light and such, now I get a lot more results all about mine. :awesome:
I noticed that people are linking to your videos and not modretro, put clickable annotations in your vids to your topic and score us some hits, dawg.