Standard Wallwart vs Smart Charger for Li-Poly Batteries

i am using a bt50 battery (very similar to the bt41) and it takes a 12v in line.
the wall wart that i found outputs a 12v dc line with 1000mA behind it

i know that it wont play and charge the unit at once, but would it be ok to charge the batteries alone?
you can't charge it with a wall wart. Those things just output power. A charger outputs a higher voltage than the battery(so it will charge) and then shut off immediately after the battery reaches the same voltage as the charger outputs.(I think)



shouldnt this board cut power when its done?
its what came with the batteries
What is the battery from? DVD player batteries typically have integrated charging circuitry. Judging by the pictures, I'd say a 12V wall-wart is safe, but use a 12V REGULATED wall-wart. A smart charger probably won't work with that, because the integrated charging circuitry will confuse it and vice versa.
Yes, that is basically the same battery/circuit I have, I charge mine with a regulated 12v 2.25 Amp wallwart. No need for a smart charger, just a regulated power supply. Heck, you could even build the power supply if you wanted to.
and thats what worked guys!
i thought about it yesterday, i was pretty sure this board was too big to be just a protection circuit so i tried it out.
i hooked up my multimeter to it and it stopped charging at around 8.4v (well the green light went off then)

i only have a 1 amp charger though, so i cant charge and play at the same time. ill wait till i get a separate charger then. how much is needed to run a ps1 screen and n64?