SS's LoZ Belt Buckle Mod, LED Flashlight!


Probably SS
I lurv mah belt buckle, I used to keep a mini pocketknife behind it, but I decided a flashlight would be awesome. I took one of these:


And built it in. There was a small circuit on the LED, so I left that on, it was perfect size, and the led had enough room to bend at a 90 degree angle. Drilling metal + epoxy + some soldering = this.









As you can see in the last pic, its not in the way of the belt at all, which s awesome.

Lawl, Cool.

Non-Replaceable Batteries == Fail
And Switch shoulda been on the back.

BUT, it's still awesome.
About the battieries:

How often do you think I will use this light? And how much power do you think it really consumes?

I've had the light for YEARS and never replaced the batteries ONCE.

Non replaceable batteries = win, because making them replaceable would take up more space.

Also, how long do you think it would take me to recreate this mod, I have about 6 of those replaceable LED modules, millions of tact switches, and millions of AAA's, and 18 12 inch sticks of epoxy.

So yeah, I'm not stupid, the application is practical.

Also, why does everyone say the button should be on the back?

ShockSlayer said:
Also, why does everyone say the button should be on the back?


I was wondering that myself. If the button was on back it would be pressed a lot when you bend over. And I hear you bend over a lot.... :dahroll:

Ok that was uncalled for......... but funny LOL
It's geek tech to the max, and therefore = :awesome:.

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Nice belt buckle, SS, and nice job being put on two sites!

1000th post in the news section! :awesomemario: