SS is changing his identity tomorrow morning


Probably SS
Tomorrow morning, I shall become Billy Mays.

You are now confused.

Now I shall elaborate:

Tomorrow morning, I go to school. I'm a junior, and juniors have fundraisers for our "prom." We are selling pancakes to raise money. In order to sell something, one must advertise. And flyers are awesome, but skits are better. I am part of a skit to advertise the fundraiser. Why? Because I am a genius actor and a talented script writer. I'm in charge of this stuff, so yeah. I play the role of the salesman, or, specifically, Billy Mays. Why? Because Billy Mays is an American hero. As such, I have just spent $45 on spirit gum, spirit gum remover, and a 100% real hair mustache and beard. Creepy as Heck that is is someone else's hair, BUT it's supar convincing.

I will take pics. Hopefully shoopworthy ones.

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Spirit gum remover is just mineral oil. Next time, use it, it is much cheaper.

Also, acetone and nail polish remover work fine.




The chapel has bad acoustics, I noticed that the camera didn't pick up the volume of clapping. Plus, it's only like 150 people in there.

You should have brought an n64p and say, "Order in the next 10 minutes and get this free n64 portable!" Then flip it on with super mario 64 in it so he says "It's a me, Mario!" Then flip it off and continue with the commercial leaving the audience in complete confusion.
Woah, your son looks like a mini ss.

Lol, jk

But yeah, that style of bowl cut can make anyone look alike.