Some ds problems


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Alright, I have a nintendo ds lite here, and it has a couple of problems that I need help with, one due to my own incompetence.

1. The ds, when turned on, the green light turns on, but neither of the screens do. Could this be because the ds is not getting enough power? Or is it for some other reason?

2. In the battery compartment, I am having some problems with one of the bent pieces of metal that the battery touches. It has had the end of it pulled out, and I can put it back in. The problem here is that I cant get it to be in the same position as the other ones, and I believe that it is supposed to be hooked on to something in the black thing it goes in to. I think that this could cause the problem that is above, and that it means that the light of the ds is getting enough power to operate, but the rest of it is not. Could this be correct?

3. I cant get the screens off of it. I know that there is a simple way to do it, but I cant get it off. Do I just pull the cable out of it?

4. Can the bottom screen of a ds lite be plugged into the spot for the top screen? If there is a method other than just plugging it in, could you please explain it in detail?

I would post pictures, but my internet is so slow that it would take forever for me to do.
If you can help, I thank you for your time.
1) I'm no DS mechanic, but insufficient voltage would result in a red light telling you to recharge it. That's out.

2) Get that pin fixed and get back to us. Although I imagine if all of them are at least making contact with the proper pins on the battery, it doesn't matter.

3) Removing the screens aren't that big of a deal, but the top one can be tricky - the hinge piece that also has the LED lights (well, the plastic diffuser for them) needs to be removed, which is two screws. Once that's done, the cable needs to be turned sideways to get through the slot.

4) No, the connectors are completely different, and you cannot connect it any way to work on the top.

If I had to guess, you've probably got a ripped top screen cable, but that's just a guess. I've seen a few of them now with a notch in the cable.
Alright, I've fixed all of the pins on the ds, and I've removed the screens. I cant tell if the ribbon cable is damaged enough to make it so that it doesnt work, and besides, one ribbon cable cant affect both screens, right? Also, on the smaller second ribbon cable on the lower screen, how can I get it back in so that it makes contact?
Actually, yes, if the top screen is damaged the unit will not power on.