Sideways head flashlight mod! *PIX*


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So I had this flashlight with the head tilted 90 degrees, it has a little clip to strap onto your shirt and stuff.

Anyway I also had a spare Maglight 2D cell LED bulb I got on teh cheaps, so I decided to combine the two!

I had originally spend like 2 hours trying to bend the copper connectors in the head into just the right spot but when I got it I found out that the contact was not very good so the bulb flickered on/off with and heavy movement.

So I went back and soldered some wire to the contacts, then to the LED. (solder didn't want to stick to the LED, is there a good way to get it to stick better?)

NOTE: Before picture is with a different flashlight, but it has the same bulb/batteries. :p
Also pictures don't do the LED bulb justice, its really bright! I took the pics in my closet because the sun is up.



More pictures for anyone who is interested. ... lashlight/