Screen Voltage


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Hi, Im trying to power my psone screen for a portable, but when there is sound, the screen's image becomes distorted, does anyone know what would be wrong here. I'm pretty new to this stuff in case there's a reasonable explanation for this.

Needs between 7.2v to 8v, and should have 1000mah going to it unless it's led modded. What are you using to power the screen?
I'm actually using a battery that was created to power the screen( i know im very inexperienced, that is why i have not modded the screen or got a li poly battery yet).
The battery's output is 7.5v and has 2000mAh.

Your sure no connections are touching? Maybe the audio and video are interfering with eachother.
xXPunisher24Xx said:
He means are the red and black (positive and negative) wires touching each other. :)
Actually, I was talking about the audio and video wires touching, and causing interference with each other.

But yeah, if the black and red wires are touching on the stripped part, your in trouble. I hope your screen isn't fried.
If there is a direct electrical connection between positive and negative power from the battery, do NOT turn the screen on, get rid of the short. Shorts=BAD. REALLY BAD.
If it works when it's plugged into the wall but not on the battery, then it's the battery that's your problem. Charge it. If it still doesn't work, then the battery is probably not working anymore.