Screen Size Comparison


There are a lot of screen sizes to choose from when making out portables, and I had no idea what they were really like without them in front of me. I actually own three different-size screens to compare against. I know I can, but not everyone else. So I took some comparison pics between three screens:

Psone Screen (5 inch)
DX screen (3 inch)
Hip Gear Screen (2 inch)


I'm comparing lcd sizes. Enjoy! ;)

Here is the Psone screen compared to the Hip Gear:

Here is the 3 inch DX screen compared to the Hip Gear:

Here is the Psone screen compared to the 3 inch DX screen:

Here is a comparison of all three:

I hope this helps you to get an idea of what these screens are like. Once I get a working game system, I'll show a comparison with them all powered on and working.

EDIT: The pcbs for the Hip Gear and 3 inch DX have been trimmed, so please know they do stick out more than the pics suggest. :p
According to what Life of Brian says, and my own ruler, just a hair under 1/2 inch, or 11 mm.
I don't think you'll get much thinner than that. It's only slightly thicker than the Psone screen.
Keep in mind that this one's not a pustom. Here's a link to the DX one I'm showing: ... r.87419775

I know it says 3.5 inches, but the viewing size is only 3. Does anybody know what we actually call the screens that aren't branded as Pustom? I call it the "3 inch DX screen" like Life of Brian. The link doesn't provide us with a brand to call it. :wtf:

So yes, the AEI comp is only about 15 more dollars, and is better quality, thinner, and will probably ship quicker. But I don't know if the AEI comp one can run on 5v, which is the best part about the DX one.