Redoing my NES-p!


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It looks like flax so im making it better!I may have some pics soon
EDIT: pic!

I only mounted the screen and the power led. aswell as cut the holes for the buttons (nes buttons) will be like lobs only i hope theirs a cart sot(if there is room)
The Question said:
That sucks.
Well the screens nt dead it just wont always catch the signal. So ima gonna sell all my stuff that was used in there making. Any offers? (i want like 40ish plus shipping mabye less)but im a keep in the nes buttons.
Joeyjoe9876 said:
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Just get a new screen. I wanna see you make something cool. :dah:
is that possible :lol:
Well Im just gonna get a nes mobo and i will finsish my nes-p with a 4in screen and original hardware.

Also I have another screen I am just saving it for a atari-p.