QuickSkopes For Sale Thread



Ok so I have some crap to sell.


XBOX 360: it's banned from live, but modded with a special firmware so you can play any game out for about 1 year or so to come (or until they change the whole layout of the files)

Price: 80-100$ OBO

-I gave you a verbal warning, now I put one on your account.-

Dreamcast: it sells itself, havn't tested in a while, il test tomorrow, but last time I checked, worked fine.

I have 2 controllers and 1 gun (not litegun) also, about 30 games, I can always burn some for you.
Price: make an offer.

Wii: nice family console, it was tons of fun till I got my Xbox, then it never really played again

Comes with: 3 wiimotes
3 nunchucks
About 10 games (best of which include mario galaxy, Mario Kart and Brawl, you can buy them seperately, PM me for the full list of crap)
The hookups to it + sensor bar

2 on wii games, Pokemon Snap and Orcarena of time.

Price: im asking about 250-300$

PS2 Phat: RobM is looking at this thing, so he has dibs first, but it's nice and comes with stuff, PM me for a list.

Price: Not sure, OBO, PM me an offer or post below.

TRADES are accepted:

What i want:
SNES (Mini perferably)
NES (if I can't get the SNES)
Money is always good :lol:

Again prices are negotiable, I also retain any rights to pull an offer without notice, or to denie a trade or money offer.
You do realized that selling "Modded games" is illegal.

Take it off your list before I lock your thread and prevent you from posting in the Junkyard ever again.

You have been warned.