Questions regarding n64p stuff and things


I'm making an n64p and it's my 1st portable. I have most of what I need on the way from different places...patients is not one of my virtues. Everything but the batteries. Filthy batteries! but I may have a question her or there and instead of making a new topic I decided to make this. Now for my first question. I have a few power regulators from the TI website via free samples, and if i'm not mistakes these are switching regulators. If these are switching regulators do i need to use heat sinks? I also didn't know which regulator to use from them so i got 3 different samples and now i still don't know which one to use, they are pth08080wah, pth08080was, and pth08080waz. Any advice here would be nice. thanks.
I see. To what surface would I mount it to though? would anywhere on the inside of the case work? or does it have to be on a motherboard.
Surface mount means it is soldered directly to the surface of a PCB, as opposed to having pins that go through the PCB. The PTH08080 has plenty of space to solder wires either way.