QUAD 64 done


He who mods in thy basement.
Finished yesterday at 1::3:0 pm. Video says it all.





Phillips screws now, FTW!
Paint job looks nice and even, bondo work is unnoticeable. Can we get some pics to verify that?

I give it a 5/10. Completely adequately average.
I'd hardly call it unnoticeable. It is obvious in real-life. It is pretty smooth, but could've used more sanding if I had cared enough or expected to make a bigger profit off of it.
Too many um's and uh's in the video. Other then that it's pretty cool. I like the original power and reset.
Wow. That looks a lot like the portable Shockslayer made, good job!
Why do webcams flip the video, anyway?

Oh yeah, and good, but not great, portable. $600 is too much to ask IMO, $400 maybe.
You should make a new video.

Script it.

And yell as loud as you can the whole time, and play heavy metal in the background.

The only reasoning behind the $600 thing is the fact that it has a dpad, a pretty good amount of battery life, and can still function as a 100% home system.
bentomo said:
You still haven't explained why it's name is quad64
Well, it started as a portable I would make to bring to comicon, but I finished the electronics so quickly that I made the case look a tad nicer and dicided to sell it. Quad origionally stood for quick ugly and dirty, but now it's just a cool name.