PSone video problem: black and white.


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so, long story short, my psone wont output color. period. for anything. not even a cookie. it was working last week, and now, even though nothing has changed, it wont put out color over composite (tried on a psone screen, my tv, and my 7" testing screen) and, near as i can tell, i get nothing when i try rgb. im not completely sure i had the rgb hooked up correctly, though, but im pretty sure. any suggestions as to whats wrong? :gonk:
That happened to me once, but I never figured out what was wrong, but it was fine a while later. Sorry I cant help.
i figured it out. its called "having the composite line hooked to pin five not pin 6." :hit:
hooking the composite line to V-syc produces black and white video. hmm, could be useful in the future. :awesome: :dahroll:
Happened to me a few times. I tried fixing the cables. It sometimes work. something might be wrong with video cable. it works.