psone screen problems


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I have a psone screen(it wasn't modified at all) that won't work with rgb for some reason. The screen turns off when using a snes mini's rgb out. The screen just shuts off. Is it possible that this is just because the snes mini's rgb is too strong and stuff?(I just have it going straight to video in) It' weird how I wired it though. I have a psone that fried itself, so I took the video out port off that and soldered my connections to there for A/V in :dah: I had rgb in all fine until I added the audio. whole story: solder on rgb, works. Solder on audio, doesn't work. Try with the alternate headphone type jack composite in, works. help? :gonk:
I seem to remember that sometimes, you needed to put 5v to a certain pin to get RGB working right. Look on BenHeck forums for that info, it is around there somewhere.