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I've been asked by a couple of people to make a little guide and thus have come with the following information. It's still a work in progress since I don't have allot of time. I'll update it bit by bit.

Oke so let's start at the beginning. Be sure to read the ENTIRE guide before you perform any of these modifications. Read them a couple of times so you completly understand what to do.


Front and back side of a PAL/NTSC board:
PAL PsOne mobo:
NTSC PsOne mobo:

Note: the 4 extra 220uF caps on the PAL board (not all revisions have these). These are put on each speakerline. Left + and - and Right + and -. Most likely to reduce distortion.

Circuit info:

Pinout info:

RGB greenfix: If you connect RGB to the greenfix location the image will be brighter but you will have no more green screen with the ps2! Note that if you want to watch dvd's on your ps2 you have to have a switch to composite. It doesn't ouput RGB in dvd mode only composite and component.

S-Video mod (PAL ONLY): Remove the cap that is located at the chorma input and place the - side of a 220uF cap on the solder spot connecting to the chip. Then connect chroma signal to the + side of the cap.

---------------Cutting guide-----------------------------

Step 1:

First: remove the components highlighted red. You can get rid of these as these are not needed anymore (you could relocate them if you want since their there for a reason, altough I don't notice anything when I remove them so your choice).

Second: remove the green ones which are 2 caps and a 7805 regulator (use a marker for the caps to remember which side is ground) We'll be needing both those caps and the regulator. So to make sure you don't mix up the caps solder them directly onto the regulator. That way they won't get lost. Now set the regulator aside we'll be relocating it once the board is cut.

Third: remove the blue ones (use a marker yet again) and relocate them to the location provided in the next pic.
You have to scratch the green stuff off so you can solder the component directly to the board.

I'll be taking the rest of the pics and finishing the cutting section later. Patience is a virtue :p
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So RGB and led mod would be the best way to go and still have a 5 inch screen. Can't wait for the rest of the guide so we all know how to do it.
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Zenloc, you rock. Can't wait to see this guide finished!
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this is a gift from the heavens! :dahroll:
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added a bit of info. Tomorrow the cutting section will be finished.
does this mean that I can just cut off the whole power regulator section for the backlight since Im ledmodding it? what about the traces at the back??? it looks a little weird that you could just rip off all those traces.. :sweat:
and do the brightness switches control the strength of the backlight or the brightness of the screen? because when i tested it with a cheapo battery the high setting lasted 20 min. less than the low setting.
any help would be appreciated.