PS1 Game Screen Question

Looks like it will be fine, but I'd go with the original sony psone screen over that as we KNOW it isn't a POS.
I was seconds away from creating this thread as I got this screen for Christmas just minutes ago and was wondering about it. I haven't opened it yet because I may return it if it isn't good. I don't even know the size of the screen. It looks smaller than the standard PSOne screen from the pictures, but the box doesn't say; however, I imagine that the insides are rather large. I too would appreciate any info from anyone.
Nah Tech, don't worry, I have a PSone screen on the way for your portable. :)
I'd like to follow up on this thread. My mom never got around to returning the screen, so I just opened it up to see what it's like. It's about a 3.5'' screen (I didn't measure it though), and the board is about the size of a PSOne board. I didn't test it or anything, but the size alone is very disappointing.
I wouldn't bother with 3rdparty console screens that are not recased psone screens. They tend to be flax and have big boards.