Power LED?


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How can I put a power LED on my SNES Mini board? A diagram or something would be great, but text instructions work, too.
Like a power display, like an LED that turns on when power is low? Mario has a tut somewhere, I think in random electronics section.
alright, so say I have a 7.4 V battery and I want to have a light come on when there is only 1 hour left of battery life. So I have to wire a 1 V LED to the main power supply? Right? wow, if so, that was easy.
:eek: oops! i read your post wrong1 i thought you were saying that you wanted an led to light up when the system was on. this is more difficult. daftmike has a tutorial somewhere. ;)
wanna link me to that? id be very happy, also nobble, could you take a look at my 2 other posts. (NES and casing sections) got a few questions.