Pkmnjunky7's Snes portable Worklog Name still in devolopment


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Yeah... I don't really enjoy doing worklogs, I'm more of a do it all at once and then post the pictures when its done... That way people don't have to wait to see something get finished. But anywho... This is my first major project.. I built an arcade joystick module for my arcade, and frontlit a gameboy color, but compared to this those aren't really complicated projects. I am hoping to fit everything in an AG-85, but if not I will either expand the AG-85 ever so slightly or make a custom case to fit everything perfectly, which would undoubtedly look better in the end, but would also require a lot more work on my part.

I don't really have anything I would consider picture worthy yet, but here are a few teasers so to speak.





Alright Gentlemen. I just finished my first cart slot relocation, and good grief can I say that was one of the most tedious things I have ever done. Not only did I relocate the cartridge slot, but I did so in such a manner that the back and front pins had to crisscross on their way from the retroduo to the cartridge slot. This was a pain, but It works.... :D :D :D :D :D :D

Here are a few pictures. I'm demoing it with mario paint because I dont have the mouse for it and didnt really care if i ruined it with a messed up relocation. Now I need to Jb weld some aluminum L stock to keep it in place, and when that cures I can test out Doom....

Sorry for the bad pictures, they were taking with my webcam. My parents are asleep and the camera somehow ended up in their room seeing as i can't find it anywhere else. I'll post better pictures tomorrow.




on my (now dead) snes, I rewired the cart slot but didn't do the scissoring just because it would be too much work.
mako321 said:
on my (now dead) snes, I rewired the cart slot but didn't do the scissoring just because it would be too much work.

Huh , it's the same amount of soldering, you just cross over the wires. ;)
Here are the better pictures.




Should have picked a game brighter than mega man x.

I have tested and confirmed that starfox and doom work, so thats good.

Anyways... I have some battery questions to anyone who wants to answer. With the lipos i have right now and the orientation of the cartridge slot I will be hard pressed to fit everything into my case without some modifications. I do have space however for a couple of these:

or these:

Does anyone have experience with these or know if they are any good? Also, Im not exactly sure how to charge them/what voltage to use.
Don't buy ebay batteries from hong kong without confirmation that they're not BS. Lots of people have bought "7000 mAh Li Ios!" for $20 and got them only to realize they were more like 1000 mAh :rolleyes:.
well does anyone know of some batteries that have a confirmed mah rating? I have lipos, I just need something smaller. If those from deal extreme are even half of what they claim I could use 2 and be fine...
I've got a battery that will do if you want it. It's 7.4v 2800 mAh, with charger, never been used. Currently it's actually two 7.4v 1400 mAh batts with chargers but you could easily put all the cells on one of them and charge that with a single charger, I could set it up that way if you like. Do want? Probably for around $25 shipped or so, I need some money and these cost more than that.

I'd also be willing to accept trades if you've got anything good, mostly looking for a portable tv of any screen size atm.
No pics atm, it is comprised of 8 cells total, they are in blocks right now of 2X2 cells. Each cell is 1/2" in diamater and 1 5/8" long. Very small cells. The battery protection pcbs also have fuel gauge type things which tell you how much battery life is left.
Well uh, you're not going to be able to get cells that will hold more power in the same space besides lipos.