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I am looking for games that are like the striker games for the old arcade machines. They can be pretty much for any console. SNES, NES, PS1, GBC, GBA, PSP-2000, old arcade machines etc.

Striker is the game where you are a ship and you can fire missiles and other random stuff. You get upgrades to increase from one line shot to two or three. You go up the sscreen horizontal and face many other ships and bosses at the end of the level.
I like Tyrian. It's abandonware for PC and there is a homebrew port for the DS. Don't know if it's what you are looking for but it's really fun.
The Japanese name for them is Danmaku. (Bullet Curtain)

My favorites are:

Radiant Silvergun (MAME and Saturn)
ESP RaDe and ESP Galuda (MAME)
Dodonpachi (MAME)
Perfect Cherry Blossom (PC)
All of the Raiden games are good, but they're pretty basic, I think. I prefer the newer ones.
I wouldnt know about newer ones, I've not played very many of these.
Also, if you want an extremely hard one, try Astro Assembler.
I've never played it, but Dodonpachi is lauded as the most difficult game of all time.
Astro Assembler is one that I got that had free AOL on it, and it only has five levels. However, these levels are so hard that you need perfect reflexes to get through the first level, including playing it over and over again. So hard, that my brother and I have only gotten to the second level.
Y'all are forgetting Sol-Feace! Probably my favorite Sega CD game. Addictive, and it's got a kickass soundtrack.

Radiant Silvergun is also excellent. Difficulty level is just right, and lots of weapons to use! Tons o' fun.

R-Type is fantastic, too.
Can sega genesis emulators place SegaCD games? Or is that a different system?

I wasn't even going to go over the Sega genesis or saturn games becasue I thought the system was to old to be good, but wow those gmaes have pretty good graphics and look heck a fun.
The emulator I use is, I think, Kega Fusion, and it plays Genesis and Sega CD games full-speed. It does 32X, too, but I've never tried it.
kk, my next queston is a little more broad. What were your guys favorite games at the arcade or where ever you went to play the old arcade systems?
Metal Slug.

In my opinion the original was the best Slug game. It was just old-fashioned kill everything action, with an environment a bit reminiscent of WWII but also of evil masterminds. After the first Slug it got really weird, with zombies and aliens and things. The game itself is also really well made, with great music and attention to every little detail. This isn't the game I played the most, but it's the one I like the most. It was the first Neo game I tried using with MAME (I say tried, because I couldn't figure it out and switched to WinKawaks for Neo), the only Neo game on my DS (using NeoDS emulator), and if I ever build a CMVS setup, it will be the first game I buy.