Nintendo 64 Portable (Yes....ZN-45....) WIP


Okay, so this is my very first portable (It was going to be a Gamecube, but alas, I somehow broke two - one I know how, and the other...I don't know what happened.). Anyway, I have a bunch of leftover crap from my GCp failure, and my friend decided to donate his N64 that he never uses anymore. So, I have everything I need for an N64p...Here be a list:
Nintendo 64: Got it!
Expansion Pack (4mb): Got it!
Batteries (11.1v), PCB, and Smart Charger: Got it!
PSOne screen: Got it! (Managed to get this and a PSOne sans power cord for $30. Unfortunately I won't be able to test it until my 7808 arrives...speaking of which):
7808 and PTH08000: Both are here, ordering another 7808
2k Ohm Resistor and 100uf capacitor: Got 2 1k Ohm Resistors and a 100uf capacitor
That should be it. :) I'm trying to do the case without the use of bondo or anything, so I'll just be drilling in holes for the buttons. I'll post pictures soon once I start taking everything apart when the stuff from TI gets here!

EDIT: Forgot to add - most of the inspiration for the design and stuff is from MichaelThurston's Abstract N64 :)

Update: Well, I finished the cart slot relocation, but I did it wrong (don't do this crap when you're very tired). I'll be making 48 solder bridges soon...

Also, my PSOne screen won't turn on anymore. I just get some faint crackling noises. I'm HOPING it's the 7808, which has been overheating VERY fast. So I ordered new one of those...but if it's the screen, I will NOT be a happy camper.
Ebay - gotta find the auctions where people are none the wiser as to what they're selling when they get rid of their old stuff :) It's in perfect condition, too.
Gotta read down - the shipping in the US was 17$ for some was priority shipping, though...but heck, whatever. It was worth it either way.
Yup...ANYWAY, I should have updates on this thing as soon as my TI stuff gets here (which, according to Fedex, will be tomorrow! It's in my city! :) )

So everyone, I hope you look forward to this project! LET THE AWESOME COMMENCE.
Well, here's an update (and it isn't all that positive :dah: ):

I did the cart slot relocation, but me being stupid, I did it on the inner row. So now I've got to do 48 freaking solder bridges.
The PSOne screen won't turn on, and I suspect it may have been the 7808 because there's some crackling sounds, and bridging the fuse didn't work (which sucks, because now when I DO fry it....)
Other than that, not really much to report. :k

EDIT: Ordered another 7808, should be here within a week. If the 7808 was the problem, I should have this done pretty soon, hopefully.