Nes Power button/controller plugs

Yoshilime M.R.

Master of Limes
So today, i bought a broken NES from some guy for 5 bucks. he included a lot of stuff, like a nes mobo. the problem with the mobo is that it has no power/reset buttons, and no controller plugs. how would i go about obtaining the buttons/plugs, or at least the part that connects them to the board? BTW, that Nes i got today, i fixed :mrgreen: now just the extra mobo needs work...
The buttons you don't need, you can improvise, though I'm not sure how. If I had an open NES I could figure it out for you, but I'm not opening my only NES. I'm sure someone else knows though.

The cheapest way to get controller ports is to hack up extension cables, but you can get new ports here.
XCVG said:
I'm not opening my only NES.

No, sorry, the extension cable won't have the motherboard connector on it. Ask around though, I'm sure people have leftover ports from various NES projects.