NES Laptop WIP


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So, I'm gonna abandon my EplisionNES and start with a fresh idea.

With the case that I was going to use, I am going to make an NES laptop, instead of an NES suitcase-type thing. This will be one thin laptop, too. Hopefully I won't need to use any fans, and use a copper sheet for a heatsink at the most.

What I need:

NES Four Score ($25)
New NES cart slot ($10?)
7" - 8" screen (~$50, I'm guessing)
Copper Heatsink
Some speakers, if the screen I get doesn't have speakers.
A new soldering iron
A battery or two

This should add up to be a little over $100. TIME TO FINISH THIS PROJECT! I'll probably get started on it in January.
i have some 2 3.7v 4250mah Li-po cells, if i don't use them in my SNES/NESp i could sell them to you. you would just need a protection circuit
themadhacker said:
that's an expensive screen. I would just go for a portable dvd player.

The problem with portable Dvd players is the very large boards and higher amp draw.
Ben states in his book that the NES consumes 350mah. To be safe, just say about an amp is used per hour with that screen. So if you want about five hours, just use a couple of the batteries in hailrazer's lipo tutorial.