Need screen help...

I'm back. I decided to get a different screen to redo some of my portable. It is a bigger screen, and from what I've been told it is easy to use.
I got the 3.5" Pustom that you see on ebay or DX.

So I went to search out the pinouts for the Pustom screens.
This is the one of the 2.5 inch

And this is the one of the 3.5" Pustom screen that looks identical to mine.

I have Audio... I have power going to the screen... and I have the ground wired up. I used the first picture in this post as a guide.
Using the second picture in the guide, I can't figure out where the heck the video is going. I tried the normal area (right below the power) and it isn't working. The screen is on, but I'm not getting an image. Just light from the power being on.
I've adjusted the tint, and that was not a help. This should be fairly cut and dry... I'm not sure why it is not working.

Any suggestions? I know a few people have used these in their projects. Thanks!
The pics above are not of my portable... those are pics of others.
But that 3.5 inch article is not the right one. My boards are different.

Here's my portable:



Pics don't work, and when I go to the url it says I need to be logged in to see it.
I don't understand what the problems is?

Plug in the plug that came with the screen , then set your meter to do continuity. Then hold one lead of the meter to the inside of the yellow jack and then touch the other lead to the different pins on the board until you get a beep. Then you know where video is. Do the same for the audio and the power and you'll know where everything is.
My meter doesn't 'beep' not that I know of.

I was able to get my FB2 to work... And I was able to get a ROLLING picture from the Atari 2600 board. I am guessing this video mod does not work with this screen. Not completely. I may need to perhaps redo the video mod to the newer one... or I may just need to mod the FB2 and add a cart slot. I may end up doing that now that I know my screen is good.
retrodelee said:
My meter doesn't 'beep' not that I know of.
It doesn't have a continuity setting ? It looks like a megaphone symbol , like : )))) or something close to that.