Formerly known as zenloc
Presenting one of the smallest N64 portables ever made :D

Specs are as follows:

Dimensions: 20x12x5(7,5 with carts slot)
Psone screen led mod (4 leds of 20,000 mcd each)
Thirdparty N64 controller with modded analogstick (no dpad, switch for z and l)
4 cell 7,4v Li-Polymer battery 5 hours of battery life.
Rubber grip around the portable for extra comfort.
Charge jack and Power jack in one.
Battery switch
Power switch
(when power is off and battery is on jack is in charge mode
when battery is off jack is in power mode)
Headphone jack
AV out jack
Build-in Volume and Brightness controlls ( Hold start + up/down/left/righ c pad)






Edit: here a little vid of it in action excuse the bad quality :rolleyes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6pgzxWTmd4
Hey, welcome to Modretro Zenloc! I was hoping you would sign up here.

Great job on your portable. I'm sure a lot of people will be requesting commissions from you.
can you tell about how you made that custom analog stick? I'm really curious.
Here's an old update with pics before I put everything together including my analog stick mod.


Here's the custom analog stick I had to make since the controller I got wasn't able to work with a gamecube stick. So fiddeled about and created this works perfect and keeps the original n64 look ;)

Here's the inside.... pffff so much to rewire :wtf:

Everything together....



Dang the battery makes it fat!!
It looks like you have space where you could put cylindrical cells on either end of the N64 board. is there enough depth for that, of is it an illusion?
Indeed it has space on the sides. I made this without battery at first. Then thought it was a pity without a battery so put one in anyway. Making the design flawed. It's small but it can be much smaller. Like many have already showed. I'm going to make one which is smaller. But have other projects first so it'll have to wait.
Dang man, hat's off. All I want to know is how did you make the case? Franken case? Vacu-form?

Looks dang good. :)
It looks like you could modify it to be smaller easily. Get cells to fit those gaps, nix the battery pack, and it will be as thin as if the pack wasn't there.

Blue Link- It's vacuum formed.
I'd love a guide or just some pictures of your process. You've got it mastered.

What do you make your molds out of?
Well it's far from perfect. Their are some small imperfections which you can't really see on the foto. The vacuum forming isn't that hard. I use a wooden mold. The painting on the other hand is quite difficult. To get it perfect! THAT is the difficult part.

I also bought a airbrush which I'm gonna paint my next mods with. Let's see what beauty's I can create with it :p
I don't understand why people use clay for molds. Wood just seems like the obvious choice. When I start forming, I'm going to be using wood. (Well, only partially, the cart slot is going to be formed around a cart. ;)
βeta said:
I don't understand why people use clay for molds. Wood just seems like the obvious choice. When I start forming, I'm going to be using wood. (Well, only partially, the cart slot is going to be formed around a cart. ;)

Wood is great for simple shapes, but what if you want complex curves and overall a funny-looking case? It's harder and more time-consuming with wood.
How are vaccuum-formed portables usually closed? I mean, screws, duh, but do they fit tightly? I've heard lots of people say it's really hard to make the edges line up.
I have a question: why didn't you use li-ion cells instead of li-po so you could fill the spaces instead of making it thicker?
Very simple. The li-ion cells didn't fit and I only had room for 2 cells making it power for about 2 hours if I would add them making the portable about the same thickness it has now. When I added the Li-Polymer cells it made it thicker so it looks like the cells would normally fit there but they didn't.

But due to the last minute adding of the battery's it made this portable flawed. I just wanted to finish and sell it so I could make a new one. The next one I'm going to make I will be keeping myself so i'll make it look as good and small as I can

Also wood is only for simple shapes and basic curves. But since I don't like crazy flashy shapes it'll do me fine. A perfect example is the PS3 WVI tecknott made. It looks absolutly amazing and it's really proffesionally looking too. But I think the shape is really ugly. I wouldn't like to hold that thing to play my ps3 if you could make a smaller and more sexy one. But that's just my opinion.

I think a portable has to be made as small and as comfortably as possible. That's the whole point no. Making a xbox portable for example would make no sense. You don't want to be weight lifting and gaming at the same time. If you do play some wii :p

I havn't really made enough portables of that caliber yet. So i'll just shut up now and go back to work... :rolleyes:
Your portables are MOST DEFINITELY of that caliber. If I made a WVI, it would be TINY.