My very first portable (Gamecube :D )


:dah: So, for my very first project, I decided to make a GCp since I love the system so much and actually have one I'm willing to "waste". So..I took it apart..


That's just everything hooked up like normal.

I went out to Radio Shack today and picked up some wire and a desoldering pump vacuum which I have yet to use correctly.... and so I got this so far


:) I am so surprised that this actually works! The only thing I am afraid of is the solder breaking where I put it with something :( It happened once on the LED...but I guess I am just going to be very careful with it. Anyway, I'll be working on the rest of the controller after I finish up the case and get my screen and stuff...unfortunately the batteries will be last, because I can't buy them until I sell my bass guitar....

Still very excited about this whole thing :D I still can't believe it actually works...
If you're absolutely sure that your connections are working and okay, then just flood them with hot glue and they'll be fine. The hot glue will help hold the joint in place, and will also insulate your connections.

Good luck, you'll be needing it. Disk-based systems are much harder than the older cartridge based ones.
Wow. For your first portable being a Gamecube, that's pretty awesome. Ambitious, are you?
Well, that, and I really want a portable Gamecube. I just started doing this stuff randomly and I already love it. So, I can have fun doing this thing and learning a whole lot and have a portable gamecube to show off and play :). Only things left are the controller, memory card, screen, battery, and figuring out how to fit it all in the case when it gets here :p