Maybe this can be fixed, I dunno


Apparently plover is a type of bird.
I figure if it can, other people can benefit, maybe. I guess.

Anyways, there are these odd lines scrolling up my Zenith screen. They were huge, but then i removed the capacitor and they got a lot smaller.

But then there are also these three odd wavy lines. They show up occasionally (whereas the moving lines are near-constant) They are usually a very... baby-ish-color (Sky blue, Seafoam green, etc) and they show up in columns and just... stand there waving.

I'll get pics up in a little more than a week (assuming I get a new computer :gonk:)
But I have it hooked straight up to the PSone. With those weird plugs that go down at the bottom. Could it still be interference?
The plugs from a PSone screen. You know, the thing that hooks up to the back of a PSone.