Make your n64 play japenese games!

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Well Japanese and American carts are actually the same. The case are just slightly different. The use the tab system.

See left a American cart and right a Japanese!There the same.

There are 3 ways to do this. 1st you can cut the game. Second you could swicth the case's. Or third and best you could cut the tabs off the n64.

Needle nose pliers or a dremel tool and about 5 minutes.

Hold open the flap of your n64 and look for the tabs.Then pull or dremel them away and you done!

Image on right is n64 left is just slot and flap.

Congratulations you have a region free n64!

(WARNING any damage done to n64 is not my fault)Also not all pics are mine.)
Re: Make your n64 region free!

This is not "region-free" This is "Make your n64 play japanese games!" To make your n64 region free you'd need a PAL PIF chip and a NSTC PIF chip and five SPDT switches to switch between the two lines. I've got the parts, I just have to do the soldering.
This is just the same as breaking the tabs on an snes. This is not region modding as this does not allow one to play PAL games on an NTSC n64.
banditpaw1 said:
i fixed the title. OH and you could use a gameshark...
Well, you could use a gameshark to play Japanese N64 games, eliminating the use for this guide.
That, and in my SNES region lock thread it was described that it works this way for n64 too.

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