MacBook Pro 15", modded to 1920x1200


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Yes, you read that correctly. I am upgrading my MacBook Pro's internal LCD to 1920x1200, otherwise known as WUXGA.

My current 1440x900 panel is decent, but has a light spot and isn't as dense as it could be. I got a good WUXGA 15.4" panel with the same LVDS connector, and once it arrives, I will be taking pics and such on how to install it.

More info comes later on once I get my panel!
It's intended for a dell, but I checked, and it's the same plug, same size, same mounts. All these LCDs are usually designed around a standardized spec, and the only dell thing about it is the extra bracket screwed in, which will be removed. ... 1699wt_941

Look at the picture of the back, then compare to a MacBook Pro LCD back. Same stuff! I know I got the same brand though, it's a Sharp display (they did the Game Boy screens too XD)

I bought a Sharp LQ154M1LW02. WUXGA 1920x1200. I lust for it's arrival.
A subtopic in this forum perhaps?

Could you a get a screen like this in a matte finish?
blaze3927 said:
would 1920 * 1200 be like 720p equivalent?

Uh... It's even more than 1080p equivalent. 720p is 1280x720. This is even better than all the common HD resolutions!

The screen I bought is a matte finish, ßeta. (See, my keyboard lets me type ß!)

How difficult will this be? It might be totally worth it to pay you to do my (currently nonexistant) 15"MBP.
Sadly, any newer MBP would require more work, since they use LED backlights and would take more effort to work with the new panel's CFL backlight. The first and second gen pros are the ones you can do it with.

According to research, some people have issues getting these panels to work, but the model I got is supposed to be fairly compatible, so we'll see.

As for matte, I don't work with gloss and refuse to have a computer with it (my pro is matte right now)
Tarnation. I guess that's fine. It's not like like I ever go outside, so I'm fine with the default display. :p

But it looks nice. I can't wait for pictures.
Pics might take a bit longer, I am looking for my camera still.

My laptop fell off of a table thanks to an idiot, so I had to replace the entire bottom shell.

The good news? Now it looks brand new. The parts I got for the top half of the case were accidentally for another model of macbook pro, a newer one. This only resulted in an upgrade though: a Multi-Touch trackpad! Yay!

My new LCD had a failing backlight tube, so I had to take the backlight from the old LCD and install it in this one. Transferring that backlight was the biggest bother I've ever done involving a computer part.

I am still rocking away at 1920x1200, though, and now my laptop is finally perfect!