Ma Dremel broke!


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No, but my Dremel knockoff is a piece of junk. Either that or I just suck. It doesn't do a good job of sanding and can't cut at all.
I used to have a really nice dremel that cost me $80. Had it since I was 12. It died when I was 13, the year I joined benheck.

Now I use a $8 cordless dremel. (The cheapest dremel brand dremel out there.)
It works just fine.
I had one to.
It exploded, seriously.

Fortunately i didn`t get hit by any of the flying pieces ::3:

Actually, it was my dad`s :awesome:
I've blown through a couple corded and cordless Dremels. Name brand, and off-brand. I still keep going back to the Dremel brand. Outstanding service, and they've always held up better than anything else I've tried. I'm happy with the lifespan I get for the price.

I tend to work power tools very hard. I can't really afford anything above consumer-grade yet, and using consumer tools in contractor applications does mean faster failure than most people get. I've burned out a few DeWalt drills, Skil jig and circular saws, soldering irons, just about everything. It happens. On the plus side, I have experience with the durability and shortcomings of quite a range of brands. When I say I like something, I've had a lot of experience with it, and despite a few failures, I feel it stacks up well against other options.

Is this Clarke a UK only brand? I've not heard of it.